Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL
Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL

Services for Everyday Glamour

Truly classic fashions are timeless. Tigerlilie Salon believes in bringing the best of vintage, retro, and modern hairstyles together to create the right look for every client. Our stylists practice the long-lost art of real vintage hairdressing, the kind that took place in the days when visiting the salon was as much about socializing as it was about beauty. We love to create updos of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. And we love to put a modern spin on the elegant styles of the past, from the bob to the pixie cut. Whether you know exactly what you want or you are looking for our advice, the stylists at Tigerlilie enjoy working with you to create a cut or color that will make you walk a bit taller or smile whenever you pass a mirror.

Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL  


Please call (773) 506-7870 to set an appointment for a haircut, color, or style. Tigerlilie Salon may be able to accommodate you with a same-day appointment. Call the salon before visiting to determine whether a stylist is available.

For Special Events

A new hairstyle or makeover makes any event more special. Tigerlilie Salon offers services for events both formal and fun. We will work with you to perfect your look for weddings, proms, balls, and formals. But we also bring ideas for birthday parties, special dates, and even for a ladies' night out. Please call (773) 506-7870 in advance of your date to schedule a consultation. Larger events may require two to three months' notice.


For Film, Music, and Fashion

Tigerlilie Salon partners with film crews and stage productions to recreate historically accurate vintage hair and makeup for movies and plays. As music lovers, we gladly work with local and internationally known bands and artists. Magazines, stylists, and photographers looking for hairstylists and makeup artists to work on fashion shows and photo shoots should contact us at (773) 506-7870 . View our portfolio for examples of our work.

Tigerlilie Salon Services

Although it specializes in vintage updos and hairdos, Tigerlilie Salon offers all types of cuts, colors, styles and perms to men, women, and children. The focus is on hair and makeup, rather than other salon services. Special events like weddings and proms are always welcome.

Hair Extensions available - Tigerlilie Salon believes in only using the best quality hair extensions for every individual client's needs. Every stylist is proficient in all hair extension types and we require a consolation before determining pricing and which hair extensions are right for you . Here at Tigerlilie, hair extensions are bonded, weaved, seamless application or a custom hair piece can be made to match your excising hair color. Extension removal and after hair care is also available. Please make an appointment for a consolation.


Haarkunst / Hairstyling


Straehnchen / Highlights

Blowdry/Set   25 and up   Minking (six foils or fewer)   35
Style/roller   35 - 50   Partial highlights   70 and up
Signature Vintage Style   65 and up   Full highlights   95 and up
Pinup style   50 - 65        

Haarschnitte / Haircuts


Dauerwelle / Perms

Men   30   Short hair   80
Women (Junior Stylist)   40   Longer hair   100 and up
Women (Senior Stylist)   50 - 75        
Children (under 9)   15  

Augenbrauen & Wimpern


/ Eyebrows & Lashes


Haarfarbe / Color

      Eyebrow and lash tint   35
Touch up   65   Lash tint   25
All over color (single process)   75 and up   Eyebrow shaping   10
Color effects   Ask for consultation   Upper lip wax   10
Corrective color   Ask for consultation        


Eye Makeup   35        
Full Make-up Application   50 - 65        
Airbrush Make-up   65 - 85        
Eyelash application   10 - 15        
Tigerlilie Hair Salon - Chicago, IL
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